We'll be carding you

Posted on February 23, 2018.

Don't be surprised when someone asks for your card next time you purchase refrigerant.  New rules that went into effect Jan. 1, 2018, by the Environmental Protection Agency require us to see a Section 608 Technician Certification card before we can sell large cylinders of refrigerant to you.

We are also required to keep an invoice listing the names of those who purchased refrigerant, the date of the sale and the quantity purchased.

If you are sending someone uncertified to purchase refrigerant, we must see evidence that at least one technician in your company is certified, plus a copy of that technician’s certification card.

We are required to have a copy of your technician certification on file, and you are required to let us know if the certified technician is no longer employed.  We are prohibited from selling refrigerant to your company without a valid certification on hand from your company. 

Customers who plan to purchase refrigerant from Superior should complete this form and send it with a copy of at least one of your technician’s certification cards to the attention of Vanessa McGee.  Fax: 757-963-5303; Email to vmcgee@seshvac.com or mail to Superior Equipment Sales, Inc., 808 Live Oak Dr., Suite 808, Chesapeake, VA 23320.