hvac contractor using mobile phone app by his truck

Goodman dealers: did you know that you can look up parts, warranty coverage, and even system match-ups in a few seconds from your phone?

Download Goodman’s DealerFirst app on your smartphone (Android / Apple) to get started. The app is completely free to use.
With this app, contractors have easy access to Warranty Express, Match-ups & Ratings, Product & Diagnostic Info, and Documents & Support. This tool is designed for any technician who works on Goodman brand products because it gives on-the-go access to the full support that Goodman offers as a manufacturer.

Below, we highlight how to use the DealerFirst app’s best features.

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Quick Parts Search

Use the Quick Parts Search to look up the necessary parts needed for a repair. When you search by model number, it will show all of the revisions (last two letters) of the equipment, so be sure to choose the appropriate one. From there, you will be able to see all of the specific parts for that unit such as ignition boards, pressure switches, capacitors, etc. including any substitute parts. This comes in handy if you want to verify if you actually have an OEM part in a piece of equipment that you’re working on.

Warranty Lookup

The Warranty Lookup tool can tell you if the unit is in warranty or not. Enter the unit Serial # and then the Model # will automatically populate. Then, add the Homeowner’s Last Name to search. You will see any registered coverage including all parts, heat exchanger, unit exchange, etc. You will also see the Effective and End dates for the warranty coverage.

Other App Features to Explore:

  • Match-Up and Ratings: Find the right product for the job. This is extremely useful for your selling techs to make sure they’re putting together a good, functional system.
  • Document Library: Access product brochures, warranty certificates, IO manuals, and spec documents that can be emailed to yourself or to the customer.
  • Unit Conversion: Calculate the correct pressure temperature using the digital chart.
  • Distributor Locator: Search by zip code to locate the closest distributor so that you can get the parts and equipment you need faster.
  • Warranty Express: Add, look-up, and manage warranty claims. You can also purchase extended warranties here.
The DealerFirst mobile app has the information a HVAC technician needs to service Goodman equipment, all in one place. Download it today and let us know what you think!