honeywell smart home security system product lineup

There's more to home comfort than just heating, cooling, ventilation, and indoor air quality. From a homeowner's perspective, whole home comfort also means having peace of mind in the place they live. Therefore, more and more homeowners are seeking security solutions that allow them to remain connected and in control of their homes. In fact, 56% of U.S. homeowners say that security/awareness is their next smart home purchase.

For you as an HVAC professional, your main goal is to provide whole home comfort. Therefore, smart home security is the most natural way to expand your portfolio without needing to invest in expensive training or equipment. Plus, when you’ve already built trusting relationships with your customers and you know their homes inside and out, you become the best person to help them with their home security needs. You may have previously even set them up with a smart home thermostat. Now, the same basic need applies – their desire to be fully connected to their home and in control of their comfort.

Most smart home security systems are extremely simple to install and the continual monitoring part is handled by the homeowner. So once it’s set up, they're good to go. Most systems require the base station to be plugged in and cameras, motion sensors, and access points to be thoughtfully placed throughout the home. Integration of these items involves connecting them to the home's Wi-Fi network through an app, which gives the homeowner 24/7 access to monitor their home with ease.

Just this year, Honeywell Home released a major new product line with their Smart Home Security System, which is enabled with Amazon Alexa. The Honeywell Smart Home Security System allows for endless customization on one connected home platform, from motion sensors and cameras to thermostats and water leak/freeze detectors.

On March 20th, 2019, Honeywell is coming to our Chesapeake Branch to give a free training class on this new security system, as well as to discuss the other Wi-Fi, RedLINK™, and connected solutions they offer. Sign up now to reserve a spot in this upcoming class by filling out the quick signup form on our website. In addition, keep a lookout for the new Honeywell Home Security System as it hits the market and we bring it into our stores!