goodman ac units being produced at the factory

Notice to Goodman Dealers

It has recently come to our attention that Goodman Manufacturing has made a significant change to their warranty verification process that will affect some equipment warranty approvals. Goodman Warranty is now able to check homeowner information against tax records to verify that the person who originally purchased the unit is still in fact an owner at the home address where the equipment is installed.

As you know, Goodman has always required the homeowner to be the original purchaser of the unit in order approve warranty claims. However, because Goodman is now confirming ownership back to tax records, dealers will no longer be able to simply call in to verify a warranty on a piece of equipment. Therefore, we highly recommend speaking with our team to process any warranties immediately at the time of part pickup in order to guarantee reimbursement.

Please educate your customers, as needed, on this important change to Goodman warranty processing and feel free to give us a call at 757-420-4253 if you have any specific questions that our team can help address.