anita woods with the annual vendor awards from the BLUE HAWK co-op

Last month, Superior Equipment Sales, Inc., came home with three awards from the national BLUE HAWK purchasing cooperative’s annual conference in Denver.  It marked the fifth year in a row Superior garnered the EVPY Award (Exceptional Preferred Vendor Support Yearly).

BLUE HAWK is a purchasing cooperative of HVACR distributors established to provide support for independent distributors who are competing with manufacturer-owned distributors.  

The 2017 EVPY Award was given to the top 10 percent of members based on how many BLUE HAWK vendor partners they support with their purchases.  Superior Equipment Sales was tied for 2nd place with 77 BLUE HAWK partners during 2016.

Superior also garnered a Buy BLUE Conversion Award for increasing its vendors by 10 percent -- from 70 to 77 year-over-year.   It also received a PrimeTime promotions award for taking advantage of 23 special offers over the course of 2016.

Superior is among 230 member companies at 1,420 locations around the United States. “Our membership in BLUE HAWK allows us to provide our customers with a wider range of products at competitive prices,” said Superior Equipment Sales CEO Mike Healy. “That’s because the co-op can pool our purchasing power with other members so we can pass along the savings to our customers.”